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So the college is the craziest thing for all the girls out there in the wild. Yep, after they finish high school and go looking for some career options, they choose college.. And there they don’t learn alot, but they for sure learn how to fuck and get naked in front of some college boys :) If you wanna see all the Crazy college sex parties, you should be checking out the newest site DareDorm. And yes, it’s incredibly hot with all the young amateur girls..

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Many girls can brag about their sex adventures during college parties or dorm hangouts but this slutty teen babe has no need for that since her actions have been caught live right when she was being banged from behind, in her room. There were a few other naked college girls there, but no one remembers them, since all the action was on this little slut, screaming and moaning, with her pussy drilled deep and hard by a strong cock. If you want to see all the action take a look at the video on DareDorm.

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My roommate picked up a beautiful first year college babe and bring her to our room to hang out. After we told her all she wanted to know about the campus and surroundings, she asked us whats with all the naked college girls wondering around the dorms with no shame. We explained her that this is the campus life, drinking and fucking all day. She said she wants to be involved so in a few seconds she jumped on my roommate and started to ride his dick while I pulled the camera out and record it.

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A few college teens gathered in one dorm room to have a beer and perhaps play a game. After everybody got pretty wasted, one of the girls confessed that she wants to have her pussy filled hard by all of the guys because she never experienced that. She took her clothes off, bended over a couch and spreaded her gorgeous pussy, inviting the guys to take advantage. Her colleagues didn’t want to let her alone, so in a few seconds that room was filled with naked college girls demanding to be banged hard.

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It was supposed to be a small beer pong game in a college dorm room, girls versus boys. The person who thrown the ball in the adversary’s cup was going to choose the punishment. After a few quick shots of beer and tequila we got to stripping and after a while, no one was wearing clothes. We then decided that who is going to throw and put the ball in a cup has to fuck the adversary. At least we thought that because one of the girls lost her patience, grabbed one of the guys and just jumped on him, ridding his dick right in front of us.

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Sasha and Christine were dared to fuck one guy, but not in an usual way, they had to come up with an idea so everyone else won’t get bored to by just watching these naked college girls fucking (as if that would’ve been possible). So, their idea was to make the guy keep his eyes shut and guess which one of them is sucking is dick and which one is pressing her pussy on his mouth. This went for a while, since the guy seemed to enjoy the fuck and forgotten to yell the names.

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Playing poker with good looking college babes can only make you think to one option: turning that game into a strip poker game. It’s not very hard you just have to add the poker table and everything is set. If you have the chance of cheating just so you can make the girls loose their clothes faster, you should definitely do it. There’s nothing more pleasant than watching naked college girls trying to concentrate on the game while they only think of how to get their holes filled with hard cocks.

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I recently visited my friend Sarah to help her with some college assignment. It was pretty weird that she had work to do in weekend, but I soon found out that she had nowhere to go, and she just wanted some fun in the dorm. Funny thing, she wasn’t alone when I got there, one of her roommates also remained and I found them naked, sharing a bottle of tequila. The sight of these naked college girls laughing and fingering their pussies was enough for me to rip my clothes off and get under them, licking their pussies and letting them ride me.

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What do you say when someone asks you “what’s better than a horny slut”? Two horny sluts, that’s for sure. If you want to see how crazy these naked college girls can get when dealing with a huge strong cock, take a few minutes out of your time and visit DareDorm, you won’t be disappointed. I wish I could be in that guy’s place, watching these gorgeous naughty sluts taking my cock deep in their mouths, moaning and rubbing my balls. A job divided is much better, a blowjob divided in two is fucking awesome.

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A young college slut went crazy horny when she saw the camera rolling, starting to do her best moves and act like a real pro porn star. She grabbed her boyfriend’s dick, started to rub it slow, asking what he’s going to do to her pussy. Poor guy didn’t even got the chance to start talking when she grabbed his hardened dick in her mouth and started to suck it deep and slow. Her perfect body could be completely admired, bended over, moving slow. I saw many naked college girls working their talents on a dick, but none as hot as this one.

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A friend invited me to his dorm party several nights ago, telling me that there’s going to be full of naked college girls horny and naughty. I couldn’t say no to that, I was there almost immediately and I saw that he wasn’t lying. I liked one thing the most, a double dare fuck game where I had to choose from fucking one girl until she had 3 orgasms or fuck four girls giving them one orgasm each. I went for the second one, eager to get my dick in as much young pussy I could.

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Being away from home is a good opportunity for girls to have their way and be involved in as much fun activities as they want. The thing is that almost every dorm party involves naked college girls fooling around, drinking and fucking, screaming and moaning while humping every dick standing in front of them. They have no shame and most certainly they cant be pleased with just a quick fuck, those young pussies must be drilled like hell and fucked continuously until dawn. Take a look for yourself at these awesome parties presented by DareDorm.

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Group sex is something you are either into, or you aren’t. There really is not much of a middle ground at all. That is why I love this college fuck fest. Why? Because I think group sex, where there is one guy facing multiple sexy naked college girls. If you agree that these “reverse gang bangs” are great, check out DareDorm, where you will find plenty of great college fuck fests and gang bangs, all of which feature the sexiest sorority sluts that college has to offer. These babes go to learn, but they also go to have fun!